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percent change


I am looking to create a line graph that shows percent change only of the sum of sales from month to month. The line graph will also have multiple business units on the graph

I have tried a few options and none have helped thus far. Any recommendations would be great!

These are a few options I have tried...

Num(((sum(sales)) - sum(addmonths(RT_Date,-1)(sales)))

/ sum(addmonths(RT_Date,-1)(sales)))


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Re: percent change

try this

Num(Sum({<Year = {'$(=Max(Year))'}>} Sales)/Sum({<Year = {'$(=Max(Year) - 1)'}>} Sales) - 1, '0%'), Num(Sum(Sales), '#,##0.0'))

Re: percent change

Try this

Aggr(Sum(sales)/Above(Sum(sales))-1, [Business Unit], (MonthYear, (NUMERIC)))

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Re: percent change

Thanks for the responses! Unfortunately these haven't been successfully for me yet, however it is given me a lot more options to try.

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Re: percent change

With a master calendar hooked to RT_Date.

((sum(sales) - sum({$<Month={"=$(=addmonths(MonthStart(RT_Date),-1))"}>} sales))

/sum({$<Month={"=$(=addmonths(MonthStart(RT_Date),-1))"}>} sales)

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