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qlik sense security rules issues


I need to hide some sheets to some users for a qlik sense app.

I tried to create a new security rule to achieve it but it doesn't works.

In the preview section of security rule it seems to be ok but the user see all app objects rather than only those present in the rule condition.

below the conditions content:

((user.name="QlikAdmin" and resource.name="Dati mercato indici ass.to"))

I'd expect to see only the sheet named "Dati mercato indici ass.to" in the hub for the user named "QlikAdmin".

I'm using version 2.1.1

Can someone guide me to the right direction ?

Many thanks in advance.

Best Regards


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Re: qlik sense security rules issues



may b dis helps



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Re: qlik sense security rules issues

the problem is not related to the dynamic data reduction topic but the security rule to grant/deny access to app objects.

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Re: qlik sense security rules issues

Hi Andrea,

You can restrict sheets or even stories based on the user coming in.

Check this post, where it is explained clearly: Sheet level Section Access in Qlik Sense ??

Hope this helps!

- Sangram

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