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row total between total of the column

Hello All,
Im trying to set a new column into a table chart, where the participation fee has beem displayed, for this im tryng the next function based on my fuction to calculate the total of money earned per customer.



So i want to divide each row of the "Volumen EneroDiciembre" column between the total of this" $303,454,710.30".
For example:  $34,732,771.76/$303,454,710.3



And this for every row of this column. Someone already did something like this?

Hope someone could help me.

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

You are on the right track whereby total isn't a function else an extra for a function. Therefore try it in this way:


or if there are further dimensions which needs to be considered:

Sum([CANTIDAD]) / Sum(Total <Dim1, Dim2> CANTIDAD)

- Marcus