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select row for two diferents fields or select fields independently

Hi, guys!

In my project I have issues and this issues have a created_on date and a closed_on date.

I wonder if I can have a table or  a graphic of dates and the selected date(s)  can refer to the created_on date or the closed_on date.

for example if I select 10/10/2015 , my table of issues would be:

|    ID    |   created_on  |  closed_on |

|   204   |  08/10/2015  |  10/10/2015|

|   208   |  09/10/2015  |  10/10/2015|

|   210   |  10/10/2015  |  12/10/2015|

|   211   |  10/10/2015  |  13/10/2015|

Another solution to my problem is:

I have a table of created_on dates and another table with closed_on dates, I need that both tables always allow select all dates

Do you think something like that is possible?

Thank you in advance

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