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set analysis, if expression, and dimension filters

Good Morning (still morning in Hawaii!),

We use Qlik Sense.

I am simplifying this from what we actually did.

Lets say that we had dimensions 1-10.  We wanted our budget numbers to display for dimension 1-3 if filtered on and displayed as 'N/A' if dimensions 4-10 are filtered.  The problem that arose is that we only budget based on dimension 1-3 and not on dimensions 4-10.  When filtering on dimensions 4-10 it was showing a weird budget where there was not one.  So we used set analysis on a sum of the budget number to accomplish this:


It worked perfectly.  The problem is the list keeps on building as we add more data, so we still want dimensions 1-3 to display a budget number when filtered on, but now we have dimensions 4-20 that need to display 'N/A'.  Is there a way with set analysis to do the inverse of what we are doing?

Any help is appreciated! 

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Re: set analysis, if expression, and dimension filters

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Re: set analysis, if expression, and dimension filters

Thank you!  The technique you referenced had to be tweaked a little bit, but it appears to have done what I needed! 

Re: set analysis, if expression, and dimension filters


Please close this thread by marking the correct answer if you got what you wanted to achieve.

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