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table calculations

Does Qlik Sense (2017 06) have embedded functions that would allow table calculations (average, max, min) based on different levels of aggregation inside a pivot table.

I'm trying to show periodic (YTD, current quarter, current month) averages at individual company, individual division and individual department where departments belong to divisions and divisions belong to companies.   I'd also like to see those averages at total enterprise (sum of all companies).

Right now in the pivot table I'm able to create an average at one level, but when I change levels then the averages are not calculating correctly.  I think we can come up with formulae that might get us there but notices Tableau appears to have embedded 'table functions' that allow calculations based on table summarizations.   I can't seem to find similar functionality in Sense.

Having to create unique formulae in each app seems counterproductive

Is this there and I just haven't found it or recognized it?

If not - when is this coming?