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today() and analysis sets


I'm trying to calculate sales [tamount] dynamically for the past 90 days, from a larger set of data. The [tdated] field is a timestamped date field.

I can get it to calculate sales for 1 day, 90 days ago, by using a = sign in the expression, thus:

sum({$<[tdated]={'$(=timestamp(today()-90))'}>} [tamount])

but when I change the = sign to a > sign, I get nothing! i.e.

sum({$<[tdated]={'$(>timestamp(today()-90))'}>} [tamount])

Same thing happens if I use greater than or equal to...  >=

Am I missing something obvious here?


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Re: today() and analysis sets


sum({$<[tdated]={">$(=timestamp(today()-90))"}>} [tamount])

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Re: today() and analysis sets

You can also try this:

Sum({$<[tdated]={'$(='>' & TimeStamp(Today()-90))'}>} [tamount])

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Re: today() and analysis sets

Thanks - works perfectly!

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