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unsafe pre-fix added to url in mashup after upgrade to Qlik Sense November 2018

Hi everyone,

After upgrading to Qlik Sense November 2018, my custom back button  (see snippet below) has stopped working as the href attribute is being prefixed with "unsafe".  

<a id='butClose' class="indicatorCloseButtonA closeButtonWhite" href='javascript&colon;top.history.back();' target='_parent' onclick='closeChart();'>...</a>

After a bit of searching, I found that this could be linked to an upgrade in the Qlik Sense of Angular.js .

I have found this page: https://anotherdevblog.com/2018/06/27/angularjs-adds-unsafe-before-links/ but I have no idea how to apply the solution.  Can anyone help?



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