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Conditional Filter in Qlik Sense

My data have the following 4 columns

1. Month => Ranging from 1 to 12, signifying Jan to Dec. For this i used a list box extension and created a single select filter

2. Sales => Amount in dollars against each transaction

3. Area => Geographic Area of Sales

4. Customer Name => Individual customer name fulfilling the transaction. Another filter on the dashboard

I have my measure as display Sum(Sales) for Area dimension

Filters present on the dashboard are Month and Customer Name

The Month filter a listbox extension that allows to select only one value at a time

I have modified the Sum(Sales) formula as Sum({<month = {"<=$(=getFieldSelections(month))"}>}Sales)

This is done to let the dashboard select values less than or equal to the month value selected in the filter

However, the other filter Customer Name only gets left with the values equal to the month selected

For eg. if month = 6, Sum(Sales) shows from month 1 to month 6

However, Customer name shows filter values for month = 6 and not <=6

My requirement is to align the filter too to show the values less than or equal to the value selected in the month filter.

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Re: Conditional Filter in Qlik Sense

Hi, can you try?:

Sum({<month = {"<=$(=max(month))"}>}Sales)