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Feature Request: Hide trial notice

Hi there,

I couldn't find the appropriate place to submit a feature request so I thought I would do so here.

Feature 1:

If you create a Qlik Cloud account, purchase a Business subscription and then create another workspace on a trial basis, the 'Trial days remaining: xx Activate" notice is displayed in the header no matter which workspace you are currently in.

This can be slightly off-putting when dealing/showing clients apps within Qlik Cloud as it can seem as though we are not paying for a subscription.

Feature 2:

After creating a workspace, there doesn't seem to be any options to:

a) cancel the trial or
b) delete the workspace

It would be great if these could be implemented/are on the roadmap - just to make it a little more simple and 'clean' to use for the end user.

It might sound slightly finicky but I just thought I would put it out there in case others had the same thoughts!

Kind Regards,

Lachlan W
Technology Lead

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Re: Feature Request: Hide trial notice

Hello there!


Thank you for your feedback on Qlik Sense Cloud.
I created two "feature requests" to our Qlik Development team with your requests.
These ticket IDs are  2505 and 2506.
Our development team is going review it. Hopefully we can include this two features in our Cloud version in the future.

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