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Folder connection in cloud business

Hi all ,

i am using qliksense cloud business at data connection pane folder connection option is not showing pls can any one explain me.Folder.png

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Re: Folder connection in cloud business

Hi Vikram,

When using the Data Load Editor interface - it does not show the user's (Qlik Sense Cloud Basic (free) / workspace's (Qlik Sense Cloud Business)  - folder / data files section.

If you use the Data Manager interface - you have the option to Attach files - (data files that are uploaded and attached directly to the app itself (the data file WILL NOT be seen in the workspace data files section)) or Data Files - which provided access to files you upload through the interface and are seen in the Data Files section.

The Data Load Editor - provides access to other connectors that are not available in the data manager (yet)

Yours will vary as I have access to some other Beta / Experimental connectors at this time.

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