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Generating new fields in data load editor

Hi all, I now have a problem about generating new fields in data load editor. The original table 1 is below:


These data will be calculated and listed as table 2 below:

Capture 2.PNG

No of respondent = Number of response group by client, event and startdate

Learning = Avg( Q1 to Q5),

Engagement=Avg(Q6 to Q11)

I used to use the crosstable function and pivot function to get the results I want. And now I am thinking is it possible to implement this table in data load editor, so I can use the table to analysis as a original table.

Besides except table 1 and table 2, I also have table 3 stored all historical data which fields are the same as table 2. So what I want is calculating and get the fields of table 2, adding these new value to table 3. Table 3 will be my final table to analysis.

Does data load editor could implement this work? I am thinking maybe I could use loop or similar function, but have no idea about how to start it. Any suggestions are appreciated!