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How to change the host name of Qlik sense hub

Hi Team,

I'm working on Qlik Sense hub. Once Developed the app in my local location and importing the app and published into particular stream. after that I have scheduled the app daily once. few apps are successfully executed and few are failed.

I have compared the success apps and failures apps log files those host name are different, why host-name is changing.

I want to put the correct host-name of failures apps,if we change the host name then may be it will success.



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Re: How to change the host name of Qlik sense hub

Hi Munna -

So this board is for Qlik Sense Cloud - and it sounds like you have Qlik Sense Enterprise

Just letting you know as there might not be as many posts/answers for your types of issues in this section as Qlik Sense Cloud doesnt come with log files.

If you are working with Qlik Enterprise - you can try this thread to change the host name of a Qlik Sense EE Server

Rename Qlik Sense Server

I would ensure your Qlik Admin/ Qlik Partner supports this change, as any work on a production server can cause issues that can effect the entire deployment.  I also reccommend working on a Test/Dev server first.

I would also recommend logging a support ticket should you feel this issue is in error.

Please log a case with Support here: https://qliksupport.force.com/QS_CoveoCaseWizard

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