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How to setup trend with Avg count per month

Hi Guys,

I have a tricky question where i can't find a solution, below you can see a chart where i display some data (Helpdesk) :


On this chart :

Dimension is  :

Mesure 1 Open ticket      :   


Mesure 2 Active ticket  (Backlog)   :


Reference line (green)   :

As you can see everything is working well, what i am looking for is to have the reference line setup for the last 4 month only.
So this line will be an objectif for the help desk team that will adapt every month compare to the last 4 month.

The goal is to assign an objectif that is below the AVG number of ticket open the last 4 month

Any idea ?

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Re: How to setup trend with Avg count per month

Not sure I completely understand your goal. But to show the reference line for only last 4 months, may be you need this:

=Avg(Aggr(Count({<DateField = {"$(='>=' & Date(AddMonths(Max(DateField), -4), 'DateFieldFormatHere') &  '<=' & Date(Max(DateField), 'DateFieldFormatHere'))"}>}Open_Tickets_Dayes),Request_MonthYear))

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