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Qlik Cloud Uptime issues?

I would like to ask about the maturity of Sense Cloud to go live in my company

The reason is that  yesterday it stopped working for at  least 6 hours . This morning it was running again.

Has anybody  experienced such downtimes?  Is qlik commenting on uptime commitments or expectations for cloud services?


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Re: Qlik Cloud Uptime issues?

Hello Eugenio,

Thanks for your concerns. I saw your Status Update under your profile - your welcome and thanks for the kind words on the videos. :-) - for clarity to others in the Qlik Community that see this, I also need to reply with what I replied with in your status update:

Hello Eugenio -  if you need to contact Qlik Cloud Support, you can also use the menu in the interface and select the Feedback link, this will open your email client so you can send a message - OR post in the Qlik Community as Onno has stated. Please note that there were a few announcements posted in the community about this issue, which was related to an S3 issue with Amazon which affected many popular sites, not just Qlik Sense Cloud.  Qlik Sense Cloud has been in production for some time and we are constantly improving reliability and performance, there have been a few issues and I can assure you they are handled in a timely and reasonable manner. Thanks for your understanding.

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