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Qlik Sense Business Vs Qlik Sense Enterprise + Qlik Connectors

Good morning to all!!!

Can someone give my a hand with the difference between Qlik Sense Enterprise Vs Qlik Sense Business and how this 2  products can interact with Qlik Connectors? 


In advance thank you very much for any help!!!

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Re: Qlik Sense Business Vs Qlik Sense Enterprise + Qlik Connectors


Qlik Sense Enterprise is a server product that you have to purchase from Qlik. It provides away to allow multiple users to develop, publish and share Qlik Sense app.  You can integrate security and Qlik sense app access. The enterprise also have scheduler option to setup tasks/job to reload and refresh apps.

Do not know about the Qlik Sense Business.  Qlik offers free version Qlik Sense Desktop allowing users to install on local machine or laptops to developer application. 


More details on the product is available on the help site



Qlik connector has additional  data source connectors other than base offering. More details is available on the site below