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Qlik sense hard copy of reports

I am trying to create a Qlik sense cloud application that can generate reports either in PDF or word format.

I want.to be able.to loop through a list box and create a report for each item.

Is this.possible? How can this be achieved?

I was thinking of trying to integrate nprinting or creating an extension to do this.

I am trying to understand what is.possible.using the cloud version of the software.

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Re: Qlik sense hard copy of reports


Good Question!

Since Sense Cloud does not allow extensions and widgets (yet) I asssume the only theroretical way to get data from an app to some kind of PDF tool would be through a file export ( in Script and the STORE command (if this command is supported...?).)

I think Qlik would traditionally ask you back "why" you want to do a PDF, since their business model is based on people working in the app... The cloud license model is quite "expandable" in terms of #users, in contrast to their non-cloud-applications.

However, since buying NPrinting they have obviously understood the need for an Export-tool.

I dont think (and doubt) NPrinting is today working with Qlik Sense Cloud, but for sure somone at Qlik is working on a NPrinting Cloud solution... if not, they should start working on it.

I will be very interested in folowing a Qlik offical answer to your question.


Robert Svebeck

Svebeck Consulting AB

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