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Qlikview on AWS

Can anyone share what configuration required to deploy QlikView on AWS ?. I am interested in AWS side configuration or prerequisites on AWS.

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Re: Qlikview on AWS


There is a good group called 'QlikView in the Cloud' which may help with your setup, including a starter guide document http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-1407

To help you get started QlikTech provide some public AMI images with QlikView pre-installed, so you would only need your licences and some changes to the firewall rules and you’re up and running.

Overall my experience with AWS and QlikView has been good with many benefits in AWS such as the scaling and redundancy. Some things to watch out for are how are you going to get your data into the server? (QVD / QVW / CSV etc) and how to authenticate your users (if your IT won’t allow the server to connect to your company active directory).


Re: Qlikview on AWS

Hi Peter,

I have a client on AWS now but am having trouble emailing reload failures from the QMC. I am trying to use Amazon SES for the SMTP server. I have authenticated the user to receive the email and am operating in Sandbox mode. As I understand it this gives us 200 emails a month which will be more than enough. I can send an email direct from the Amazon console to this user. The QMC indicates that we have not authenticated correctly. QlikView support indicated that QlikView Management COnsole works with TLS which appears to be needed by  Amazon. QlikTech support indicated we would need to make changes to the Windows server.

Any tips or ideas?

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Re: Qlikview on AWS

Hello Brad,

Sorry I’ve not used the Amazon SES before, but I’ve seen on the website that "all communication with the SMTP interface must take place using TLS (Transport Layer Security)”.

The only thing I can think of is making sure your QlikView server mail server settings are set to use the TLS port 465? To send your outgoing emails.

Or it might be an option to use another free email service such as Hotmail/gmail etc?

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