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REST connection authentication

Hi world,

I am a complete newbie to rest connections.  Have read a lot of the documentation over the last 2 days but still can't make a connection.

The system I am trying to create an API connection with is simpro.  Here is a link to their documentation - http://developer.simprogroup.com/apidoc/?page=b0d64c044a432c8e0f9f01e0641d5596

Have created an API application in SimPro but I am stumped as to where to put the authorisation key info when making the rest connection in QlikSense Cloud...  Where does this information below go???  

Option 1: Resource Owner Credentials
Token URL: https://totalfitouts.simprosuite.com/oauth2/token

client_id: XXXXX
client_secret: XXXXX
grant_type: XXXXX

Option 2:    Authorisation Code
Authentication URL: https://totalfitouts.simprosuite.com/oauth2/login?client_id=XXXXXX
Redirect URL: /oauth2/accessCode
Token URL: https://totalfitouts.simprosuite.com/oauth2/token

client_id: XXXXXXX
client_secret: XXXXXX
grant_type: authorization_code

Thanks so much for any and all assistance 🙂


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Re: REST connection authentication

Authentication is passed through the Query Headers. Check out this post on the SimPRO site regarding Authentication.


Also, here is a good video where you can see the headers in action though it's connecting to Dropbox. Here is another example that uses headers connecting to Survey Monkey.