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I created a doc for viewing in the cloud. So far so good.

But to share with people of interest, people receive e-mail and try to register, the CAPTCHA validation (the one who chooses the figures to say it is not a robot), the site shows that failed and so people do not can register. This is repeated hundreds of times.

Can someone help me?? Has anyone ever experienced this?

thank you

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Re: Register Qlik Cloud

Hi Samuel - having kha‌ - look into this.



Mike Tarallo

Re: Register Qlik Cloud

I am investigating, will let you know what i find out.


New Contributor

Re: Register Qlik Cloud

Hi Samuel,

Can you try to refresh the registration page where Captcha validation is showing. Sometimes there can be issues with that CAPTCHA loading and refreshing that page loads it correctly.

New Contributor

Re: Register Qlik Cloud

I experienced the same issue.  I created a shared document and the user was unable to register due to a Catcha failure.  The Captcha box indicated that the challenge was validated, but a red error message appeared above the Register button. 

We found a workaround.  The user went directly to qlikcloud.com and registered there (not using the document link).  The registration was successful, and an activation email was delivered.  Upon activation, the user was able to log in and access the shared document.

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