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Using Qlik Sense cloud on Ipad


I'm trying to access the free version of Qlik Sense cloud via an Ipad. When I press "Log in" then nothing happens. I've tried both Safari & Chrome but I cannot access the Hub. Is it not possible to access the free version via Ipad or is there a solution to the issue?

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Re: Using Qlik Sense cloud on Ipad

Hi Henrik!

About 7% of our audience logs in to Qlik Cloud using a mobile device (as opposed to a Desktop).  Is your device access controlled by a central IT function?  The behavior sounds similar to what happens when www.qlikcloud is not an accepted domain (not white listed by an IT control).

If this is not the cause, reach out and let me know and we can schedule a moment to see what is going on and preventing your access.


Sarah Kohler

Director, Product Mgmt, Qlik Cloud


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Re: Using Qlik Sense cloud on Ipad

Hi Sarah,

I've tried to connect with several devices - apple and Samsung but with no luck. It would be super if you could spend the time and have a look.



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Re: Using Qlik Sense cloud on Ipad

I am working regularly with QS Cloud on my iPad/iPhone w Chrome - I never had any issues.

Login is the most critical part - but for that I am using a PW-Manager    

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