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Where are my apps?

If you log into your account and you no longer see expected apps or content, it is most likely that your subscription has unexpectedly cancelled.  This may happen when:

  • Credit cards expire, and we sometimes forget or do not see the warning emails that land in our inboxes or Clutter folders
  • Credit cards are cancelled as part of anti-fraud actions (we don't always remember all the places where those cards were still in use)
  • Financial institutions reject the transaction (this sometimes happens for international charges, unexpectedly)

If this happens to you, please simply generate a new subscription with the right credit card, once any card-related concerns are addressed.

Secondly, please contact our Customer Support organization to assist in restoring previous content into your user-view.  A new subscription may not automatically reveal the content related to a previous subscription, in some cases.

As a security measure, we will need to work with you directly to ensure that content is restored to a verified individual or account.  Our backups will retain your content for 30 days.

If you have any difficulty re-establishing a subscription, please just reach out to our Customer Support team and we will make sure we help you with that step as well.

If subscription cancellation was not the cause, then please reach out to Customer Support so we can assist in identifying the issue with you.  In the mean time, do not worry - the only time our cloud services delete apps are when:

  1. a user opts to 'Remove' the app from their account
  2. a user works with one of our system administrators to delete files on their behalf.

Otherwise, your files are available in our backups for 30 days and we will work with you to get you back up and running in no time!

Sarah Kohler

Director, Product Management, Qlik Cloud

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