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create new dimension by adding two dimensions

Hi All

I have 5 tables as a source coming from SAP, in that i have country and region as dimensions. I have 7 regions names as following

CHA, Vic, Qan, NSW, Qas, west, OTH.

we have loaded each table every time using info cube names from Source. We don't see country and  region names in data load editor. We only see as



But, In the source final report data visualization they have 8 regions. Other region(Named ad "TOTAL NSW") come from by adding NSW and Qan.

So my question is, We can't add another region dimension in qlik visualization and also we cant add them using data load editor becoz we don't see regions there. Regions comes from source straight.

Is there any other way to add new region under the dimension to my Pivot table in QLIKSENSE ?

or can we do any changes by unpivoting the table in Data Manager?