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is qlik sense cloud still in beta?

‌i am using qlikview desktop (licensed) for some years to get my kpi's and some good reporting.  we are using business objects infrastructure in azure for static reporting, but qlikview is better in my opinion.

for my company, i am looking into a good kpi dashboard hosting service, and qlik sense cloud might be a solution, as the users can do some analytics using the sense associative engine, which is good. however, testing sense cloud i came up with:

-cumbersome user management. its too much hassle to get a non it corporate person register him/her using annoying captchas etc

-you need to manually update the application data, auto update of dataset is not possible. (crucial for us)

-manual update of application (not data) is more or less acceptable.

-the color and font setting of the table object looks awful

-everybody needs kpi dashboard on tablet, mobile: well the look and feel is so-so, with  notebook,ms surface is ok

-the manual upload from desktop client to cloud is not working error free

-there is no way to test the server version (30 day trial for instance), so don't know if that is better

no, so far for corporate use, i am not so happy about it.

maybe if the server version is better i can run it in ms azure, as we do not have datacenter ourselves, all in the cloud.

but then i have to test it....



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Re: is qlik sense cloud still in beta?

The (free) cloud version is certainly past the beta phase. For about a year now IIRC.

What you might be more interested in is "just" to have a local server instead of the free or premium cloud. But it is easier to make that judgment if we know what the complete situation is we are looking at (like, how many licenses / users are we talking about and how would that change if you would complete replace BO).

I'll contact you for some additional questions. Maybe we can find a creative solution and/or get you a temporary test environment. Can't make promises as I am not in sales.

May you live in interesting times!
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