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Access URL parameters or custom properties in load script

Hello community,

In Qlik Sense enterprise, we are looking for a way to create a dynamic load script which, based on the authenticated Qlik user will load data from database connection specific to that user.

Is there a system variable that can be accessed within load script that can return name of the user running the Qlik Sense app? Something similar to OSuser()  system function, but one that returns parameters specific to current authenticated user / session?

Alternatively, we considered designating database name as a custom property for a user in QMC, however there does not seem to be a programmatic way to reference this custom property within load script?

Alternatively, we may be able to pass database name and/or username as a URL parameter to Qlik, however we are not finding any documentation on reading URL params from within load script.

Any suggestions would be welcome. Taking a step back, what we are trying to do is publish apps to many users (each user has own stream), and each user has own database. For scalability / ease of management editing individual load scripts with database connection strings is not an option.

What we would like to do in a load script is take $CurrentQlikUser (passed through URL, session, custom property or system function or ?) and pass this to stored procedure via: LOAD ...SQL EXEC storedProc_GetDBName $(CurrentQlikUser)

Similar question was asked in the following thread, but no solution:

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Any help would be much appreciated,


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