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Contributor III
Contributor III

Azure OLEDB Data Connection Issues - Slowness

We have Qlik Sense leveraging the OLEDB option to connect to a third party application on an Azure environment using a read only SQL Server user.  All was well connecting to the various database tables in this environment, for a few years now.  Recently, we've had issues where it appears that on the 13th or so each month...the OLEDB connection ends up performing at a snails pace, and our extracts are not able to complete.  We end up losing our connection with the application.  When we point to the same Qlik instance to a Test version of the same application the OLEDB performance works as expected...pulling 200,000 plus rows of data at a time, where as our production environment is pulling around 30,000 rows at a time for a particular table...where it eventual times out.  I believe our partner has moved our application to a different Azure server to correct the issue, but is there a known network or server setting that could be causing this issue to limit the number of rows we are able to extract at a given time?  Trying to point the teams in the right direction.

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