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Creator II
Creator II

Can we invoke Google Cloud SDK shell from Qlik Sense desktop/enterprise?


I am trying to :

1. Open Google Cloud SDK shell

2. execute some commands to load data from GCP to Qlik Sense


I am first trying to test it in Qlik Sense desktop.

1. I have added these 2 lines in Settings.ini

[Settings 7]



2. I then added the below commands in data load editor

vGoogleCloudPath = "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Google Cloud SDK\Google Cloud SDK Shell.Ink";
vGoogleCloudCommand = "gcloud help"

Execute $(vGoogleCloudPath) $(vGoogleCloudCommand);

But I am not able to connect to Cloud shell and when I am trying to load the data, it says "the handle is invalid"

Just wanted to know if anyone has tried opening cloud shell and executing commands in qlik sense before.

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