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Connecting a XLSB File


i'm already trying to connect a XLSB file to qlik sense since 2 day's. Which OLE DB connector should i use?

Can anyone help?

Best regards,


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Re: Connecting a XLSB File

I use a odbc-driver like: ODBC CONNECT TO [Excel Files;DBQ=$(vFile)];

and it worked well. Here you will get more informations: Dynamically Loading Multiple Excel Files

- Marcus

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Re: Connecting a XLSB File

Hi Marcus,

thanks for your fast response!

Can you may show me an example? I've already read that discussion but didn't understand how to do it....



Re: Connecting a XLSB File

Try it at first simple without the loops like:

ODBC CONNECT32 TO [Excel Files;DBQ=YourPath\YourExcel.xlsb];


SELECT * FROM `YourPath\YourExcel.xlsb`.`YourSheet$`;

Necessary for it is of course to have an installed odbc-driver, see for it: The Great ODBC Confusion‌ and then you could simple connect to your file per wizard like here explained: Loading ODBC Data into QlikView.

- Marcus

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