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Connection to Sage 50 (v14)

Hello everyone

Does anyone have any experience of connecting Qlik Sense Enterprise to Sage 50 Accounts (v14). It is a requirement for a project and from what I've gleaned on the forums it is done via a Sage ODBC Connector but the post I found it on is quite old and I find any information about it very limited.

Ideally the solution is going to use Qlik Sense enterprise to analyse Sage 50 Data.

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Re: Connection to Sage 50 (v14)

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Re: Connection to Sage 50 (v14)

Hi Stuart,

As stated on the thread linked by Karthikeyan, you have to install Sage Accounts on the PC you want to run Qlik.

However on a PC with Sage installed check the installation directories carefully - I found a 64 bit Sage ODBC driver  installation package. Be warned it's seems to ship only with odd version numbers, I found it with v23 and v21 but not V22,

Don't forget you have 2 ODBC Administrators on WIndows 64 bit OS's  make sure you use the right administrator. Normally you need to match the same bit type driver with the same bit type application (eg 32 bit ODBC to 32 bit apllication and 64 bit ODBC to 64 bit apllication)  but the current  Qlik Sense Desktop 64 bit allows both 32 and 64 bit DSN selection so a good job and kudos to the  Qlik developers for that.

On my current contract,  I inherited a Windows server with a MARIADB installation which replicated the important Sage tables (using the Sage 64 bit ODBC driver) as Scheduled Task . I'm getting Qlik Sense to connect to this a proper RDBMS rather than directly to Sage.

Hope this helps.


PS - If anyone has figured out how to replicate Sage Aged Debt Report  please let me know as it's giving me a headache.