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Connector Reply Error due to duplicate field name in MSAccess query

I am posting this in case someone else has a similar issue using QlikSenseDesktop and they get and unexplained "Connector Reply Error"

I had an existing data load script in the data load editor which was grabbing data from a MS Access database via an odbc connection.

My data source/table was an Access query.

Previously I had manually added new fields to the load editor script  without any problems.

After a specific new field I started getting a "Connector Reply Error" *  when trying to load data.

I learned that my Query in MS Access had the same field name listed twice (the new field I was trying to add to the script).

It makes sense now that I see it.  but the problem was difficult to identify.

Note: If you preview your data with data connections->'select data' the duplicate fields  may be identified by field names starting with "expr:".

I hope this helps.

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