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We're using Qlik Sense Enterprise.  Some of our apps were created by loading data from Microsoft SQL Server.   

My question: Is there any way to see the original SQL data that was loaded via 'Data Load Editor' even if I wasn't the user that physically loaded the data? 

If I can see the data that was loaded to create apps and pages that have already been published, I'll be better equipped to load data from SQL moving forward.


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Creator II
Creator II

I've worked only on Qlik Sense so I'm not sure how much of my knowledge may be applicable in your setting. We usually cannot see other published apps scripts so there is no way to know where the data is coming from, what their original field name was vs. what was alias, etc. In order to see all this, we set up a security rule in the QMC so that anyone that is a content admin will be able to check out the script. If you set up some sort of rule like mine, you'll be able to have access to your users script, therefor showing you the data, sources, field names, any transformation on the script, etc. Hope this answers your question.