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Contributor III
Contributor III

Does Qlik Sense store your data within the .qvf file?

Hopefully an easy question, but I'm wondering whether in a Qlik Sense file where data has been loaded in through a database connection, if the data is stored in the .qvf file? When I run Qlik in flight mode on my laptop, I can still access the data and load more than just what is available in the initial views, which suggests to me that the data is in embedded in the file.

I want to know this from a data security point of view (if the file got sent to the incorrect location, would there potentially be data included in the .qvf?) as well as from a point of view of how this translates to Qlik Sense Cloud (if I don't want to change the data in the dashboard once it's been put in Qlik Sense Cloud, do I need to establish the database connection in Qlik Sense cloud too?)

Thanks in advance for any guidance on the above.

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Re: Does Qlik Sense store your data within the .qvf file?


To answer your first question, Yes QVF also hosts the data once the app is open it has all of its data rendered to the RAM (Server/ Desktop) based on the instance, so in case you share it to the wrong person and have enabled all the security permissions valid, he/she will be able to see the data.

I am not that aware of Cloud so wont be able to shed any light on the second part of it