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HL7 Data type

Hi All,

Is there anyone try to read data from HL7?

Please see the data format below

============== 11.08 / 12:43:40 ==============


PID|||373005||Flmban^Fawaz^^Abd Elhamid^^|-|19771129|M|??????^????^|||Unknown|00000|||||||||1007724154||||-|||Sau||1|


ORC|SC|3157514|33306||CM||20150811124300|||||||||shahata|shahata||||||RAD|CT IN|6968

OBR|1|3157514|33306|CT0148|R||20150811124300|20150811124300|||CM|||||47843^^||||||20150811123252|||||^^^20150811124300^20150811124300||||Renal stone|&&||||20150811123252


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Re: HL7 Data type

What is your desired outcome?

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Re: HL7 Data type

Hi Robert,

initially i ant to have it a structured row data in csv or text format

Re: HL7 Data type

Is there any logic in this "madness"?


Re: HL7 Data type

Is this just a pipe-separated text file?

Have you got column names somewhere? (The first line presumably is not the column names because there are many blanks.)

Logic will get you from a to b. Imagination will take you everywhere. - A Einstein
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Re: HL7 Data type

Hi Mohammed,

You should be able to import this but keeping in mind HL7 can have multiple delimiters e.g. |, ^ and & as well as carriage returns and there is a hierarchy to how these are applied with the pipe (|) being the primary delimiter then the others to identify sub components within fields.

What you will need to do is bring the data in once, separate on the pipe and then using either a resident load or QVD export perform each of the subsequent processing steps until you have broken everything down to the level you require.

Do you happen to know which HL7 schema is in use as this will determine which fields you have in your extract?

Hope this helps.


Re: HL7 Data type


You need to sit with HL7 expert and modify fields accordingly.

Have a look at sample application, I have tried to parse your message.

Hope it helps



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