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HTTP (web file) download is painfully slow

Hey folks,


i observed some weird behavior when reloading web files over HTTP through Qlik. Some files are around ~5GB and when downloading them from a browser on the Qlik VM we use, for example Chrome, the download takes around one minute to finish. However, when reloading a Qlik app which consumes only that file, it takes around 10 to 15 minutes until the task finishes.

Why is that? Also, Windows Resource Monitor didn't show any significant network activity when the reload started, leading me to the assumption that the download is somehow throttled?

If any of you have any information or similar experience on this, i would highly appreciate if you share.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: HTTP (web file) download is painfully slow


when you load a qlik app 

there are three phases 

1. loading the data to your machine ram memory - look at the load process to see how much time this phase 

2. indexing the data for good user query performance -

3. saving the app to disk 

try to look which part takes you the most time