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Contributor II
Contributor II

How can i import a Binary Image from MongoDB to Qlik Sense?

Hi All,

i am faceing an issue when i try to load images in Qlik Sense which are saved as BinaryObjects in my mongodb. 

When i import the collection where the images are saved and try to show a img, i get System.Bytes[].

I want to show the pictures dynamic. Ive read many entrys in the forum but i dont get it. Maybe you can help me. 

My Import looks like: 


Load FormType,
INFO SELECT FormType, img

FROM maschine.ShaftFormTypes;

This is my first entry in this forum, be nice to me when i forget something. 

Friendly regards

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You can't store images in Qlik Sense. You could in QlikView using a bundle load, but that was deprecated. My advice is to build out a web server that serves these images. Next load the image URLs into the data model. Then use an extension to display them dynamically.


Image Box: https://developer.qlik.com/garden/57a0b25204177e48f38a8031

Table: https://developer.qlik.com/garden/567836fd8703093925d91d03 


If it doesn't need to be dynamic, you can add them to a content library.

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