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Input string into App to load from the Database


I am using Qlik sense 2.01

I have a connection to a database and I would like to create an app that would allow the user to input a specific account number and retrieve only the information related to that account number.

I know how to do that from the data load editor,

Select *

From xxxxxxx

Where accountnumber =  'a';

What I would like to do is to give the user the ability to input the account # in the app and have that Qlik sense query that account # from the sql database.  This way its dynamic.

In a way its the reverse process:

User inputs Account number in the app,

The app carries the inputted "account number" into data load editor

The data load editor queries the database and returns the requested information related to the inputted "account number"

I imagine that my code would look like this

Select *

From xxxxxxx

Where accountnumber = inputvariable (or something)

I have done some research and was able to load the input box extension and the variable extension.

However I am having a difficulty in setting the variable to be updated from the app to the data load editor.

I really need guidance and wanted to see if anyone was able to replicate something similar to what I am trying to accomplish.

If yes, please help.

(The reason for the above is that the user needs the access to live, up to date information from the database, and loading the whole table into Qlik would take a lot of resources and time.  It would be much easier if he can just query the specific account number from the database.)

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