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New Contributor

JSON parsing error

Hi all, i've got a strange problem using a rest connection to get some json data.

the json table is very simple:

FROM JSON (wrap on) "root"

When I load it with qlikview or in qliksense preview everything goes fine. The problem is that in qliksense, when I load data I get this error:

Si è verificato il seguente errore:
L'errore si è verificato qui:
if [{"id":"b63d6c49-bdbd-4b2c-beac-6f7928d56111","project_id":"da7d3bb3-ac34-4a8e-be90-78dbefe0edbf","work_unit_type_id":"724263df-7846-46be-879c-4e9480ce6feb","time_from":"2019-01-07T00:00:00.000+01:00","duration_minutes":480,"location_type":"workplace","person_id":"244ba955-df86-407c-9292-8001f4f22d2f","notes":"Check disposizione materiale e carrelli in linea [4h]>>>>>>.<<<<<<\n

It seems that it doesn't like the dot character. Does anyone know what the problem is and if i can use a workaround?

p.s. I tried it on qlikview personal edition but i cannot use it to develop this app

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Valued Contributor

Re: JSON parsing error

The problem seems on "notes" field...

Can you check your source string into your source database? Maybe therse is a character not supported by QlikSense Rest connector which graphically seems a dot but it's not... Could be a similar character but with different ascii code.

The data preview works because it loads only a subset of records... this is the reason why i think is a problem linked to a specific record.

Can you share your rest connection parameters?