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Loop A Set of Values through One REST Connection


I am working on a project that extracts data from JIRA and Tempo using the Qlik REST Connector in Qlik Sense. For some of the data I am extracting, I need there are parts of the connection string that need to be interchanged based on a specific parameter. For example, in this string (https://MyJiraSite.com/rest/tempo-teams/2/team/{teamId}/member), I currently have a different connection string for each teamId. This isn't a major issue with only a handful of teams but, as we grow, it will be tough to manually maintain a list of connection strings for each team. Likewise, there is another string I need to use on a per project level. We have 100s of projects so it would not be feasible to make a string for each project. Is there a way to create a table of all the possible teamIds or projectIds and then pass or loop the values from that table through the connection string?


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