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Mongo data extraction Scripts failed to load after WebConnectors upgrade

I was using WebConnectors 2.x version for a while and I do have multiple data extraction scripts executed successfully daily. We are using QS Sept 2017 release.

I am setting up the new environment where I will have QS Feb 2018 and WebConnectors November 2017 releases installed.

The installation was completed successfully, but all scripts that are using Mongo Connector failed on the new system.

After investigation I can confirm that the issue is related to values entered in "Server / Connection String" parameters in the Qlik MongoDB Connector.

My setup is using a pl-mongodb21.xxxxxxxxxx.xxx server and 2 mirror servers (pl-mongodb22.xxxxxxxxxx.xxx and pl-mongodb23.xxxxxxxxxx.xxx) to connect to.

This approach works well in old WebConnectors version (2.x). I've just entered all these three servers, separated by comma and wizard has generated me a connection string.

Old Connectors wizard.png

old Connectors script.png

Wizard has added a "%2c" separator instead of "," between Server Names...

But this approach does not work in the the latest November 2017 WebConnectors release.

Looks like the new Connector is not supporting more than one instance of the Server enrtry....

New Connectors.png

Anybody can explain WHY this option is no longer supported??? 

I have to update ALL my scripts to handle this limitation now..... It only works for single Server value entered and it creates a SERIOUS problem for my data extraction since I have no option to use mirror servers if the main one will go down.....

REALLY looking forward to any advice...



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Re: Mongo data extraction Scripts failed to load after WebConnectors upgrade

Got a reply from Qlik support:


I believe this to be a bug with the new release.  There were issues with how the new connector was viewing additional instances with MongoDB.  I have attached the bug ID (QCWP-1983) to the case.  This is slated to be fixed in the next major release of the web connectors.





Re: Mongo data extraction Scripts failed to load after WebConnectors upgrade

Qlik has sent me a patch to try. It works, but only if you running connectors as an application.

I was not able to setup Connector as a Service... I guess they only fixing one problem at a time...

If anybody from Qlik will be reading: do you guys have a QA team there??

Very disappointed about quality of Qlik releases lately...