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OEM Licence Question

We (as a company) have an OEM licence for Qlik Sense and have been diligent that we only provide data that is physically contained within our database (an SQL Server db).

The 'problem' is that, if we want to use the mapping visualisation, we need to provide the data as KML / Excel... neither of which are part of our SQL Sever database.

Does anyone know if there is either:

  • A way to use SQL server data as the basis of a map
  • Any leeway within the OEM license agreement that makes this particular chart more than 'just a nice idea'

Thanks for any help / suggestions,


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Re: OEM Licence Question

Hi Mat,

why do you need KML/Excel? and which version of QS are you using and what data do you in your database?

From version April 2018 it's possible to show areas and points (and lines from June 2018) layers on the default map, providing Qlik with just the name of the country or the ISO data (i.e. to display the area of Italy you can provide 'Italy' or 'IT')

So, if you don't need external datasources to load those information, I believe you should be fine (but maybe your contact with Qlik can clarify this point)

Hope this helps,