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Qlik Sense Desktop Connect to Shared Network Drive

So I'm working with a client who is trying to connect their Qlik Sense Desktop local app to a excel sheet sitting on a shared network drive. The user was able to navigate through the folders in network drive after inserting the UNC file path in the data add wizard and has access/permission to the excel file in question, but the file appears greyed out when trying to select it to add in Qlik Sense. What would be the best way to investigate the problem? Do you think it's an access/permissions issue or something else? Thanks in advance for the help!

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Re: Qlik Sense Desktop Connect to Shared Network Drive

Hi when creating a Folder connection files will be grayed out like this


After creating folder connection, it will get listed on the side bar,click on the select data option there you will be able to choose the file.


Hope this Helps you.



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