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Qlik Sense Real Time Dashboard - solutions


we need to use Qlik Sense server for real time reporting. Data should be fetched e.g. every second and displayed in a graph. After some investigations there are two options:

1. data reload
scheduled reload has min interval 1 minute - unusable
to trigger data reload with javscript/API - even with small data takes it with graph refresh cca. 6 seconds - a bit better..

2. custom extension
to develop own custom extension, that will fetch data with jquery/json and visualize it with e.g. d3.js

what is the best solution how to create real time dashboard with Qlik Sense?

do you have any new ideas/suggestions/experience?

thank you all for information and help


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Re: Qlik Sense Real Time Dashboard - solutions

Dear Pavel,

if you are using Qlik Sense Desktop, the better solution for you is to use an extension for doing this automatically. I used the extension Qlik-Sense-Reload-Button (https://github.com/mhamano/Qlik-Sense-Reload-Button) and worked fine for me.

In case of the Qlik Sense Server, you should create a Reload Task for doing this by the server scheduler.

Best Regards,