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Qlik Sense - Teradata Parallel Transporter(Fast Export)


Our data is present in Teradata database, and we are trying to load that into Qlik Sense. The collective size of data is almost 50 GB for a single batch. And there are around 2 billion records. The loading is taking around 7 - 9 hours. We need to optimize it, for this teradata provide a utility (TPT) to export the rows in bulk.

Going through the documentation, the TPT connector is only available with Qlik View and not with Qlik sense. We also found an article which says using ODBC instead of default connector will speed up the loading process, but after 30 minutes, the load fails.

Is there any way to connect to teradata using TPT or Fast export to speed the loading process ? Ideally this shouldn't take more than an hour, as the queries response time is less than 5 minutes for all queries, the remaining time is being consumed by the data transfer.

Or is there any other way to enable parallelism using some parameters in the ODBC connection string ?