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Qlik Sense mit abas verbinden

Dear Qlik community,

I have recently installed Qlik Sense Desktop version for test purposes on my computer and wanted to connect it with abas database, but wasn't able to. I've heard that I'm supposed to use the integrated ODBC connector, but whenever i choose ODBC option, i dont see abas ERP entry in the available options. Am i missing something, how do i get qlik and abas interracting with eachother?

Best regards,


P.S. Sorry, if this question has been answered already earlier, i'm a newcomer here and kind of unfamiliar with this system

Thanks in advance

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Re: Qlik Sense mit abas verbinden

First you will have to Create system DSN entry into ODBC Data Sources of Server.

then it will be visible into the qliksense app while creating connection by ODBC.

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