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New Contributor

QlikSense connexion failure with SQL query ERROR [08S01] TDSConnectionFailed

Hi everyone!

I have attached a log generated by Qlik Sense and I will try to briefly describe the issue:

  • QlikSense connects to various countries' ERP and/or account systems to extract the data.
  • In this case, it's SAGE 100 in France. 
  • The connection itself to the DB is fine, both us and our partners can access it run queries within in.
  • HOWEVER, when Qlik tries to execute the same query, the connection is terminated and outputs the following error: ERROR [08S01] TDSConnectionFailed. It's worth mentioning that it had worked flawlessly during the past year.
  • Another important aspect: the query executes without any issue on the development server. On LIVE, however, it fails.

So far we've tried the following:

  • checking for changes to the server on our side, as well as both our partners. Nothing was found.
  • reconfiguring the VPN tunnel for the QlikSense Live Server.
  • checked that there were no updates to the SQL Server Qlik Connector
  • compared Qlik server and DB server logs and no relevant issues were found

Hopefully you guys can lend me a hand here because at this point I'm at a loss about how to proceed with this issue.

Thanks in advance!