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New Contributor

Qlikcloud - Executing non-SELECT queries

i'm using variables for my SQL Statement and set them with a lot of declare's.

On my Desktop Qlik I'm able to Change my  config file with  <add key="allow-nonselect-queries" value="True"/> that this works.

In the Qlikcloud enviroment i have now the same error again
(Connector error: Executing non-SELECT queries is disabled. Please contact your system administrator to enable it.)
My SQL Statement is like this (just an easy example)

declare @startdate as datetime = '2019.09.01'

select column_a,column_b from table_X where columndate >= @Startdate;

The used SQL is much more complex 😉 - so using the Statement without declare's at the beginning is not an Option for me. Is there any Option in QLIKCloud that this will work - are there some Settings or hints?