Hello Dwforest,
Let me explain the scenario a bit more clearly.
We have a data store. It has a REST API using which we can extract data in JSON format. The API has pagination by which we can figure out the new data available in that data store. Pagination is explained below with dummy REST calls.
API call #1 - https://datastore/data/get?start=1&end=5000 <= this REST API call will provide first 5000 data items from data store.
API call #2 - https://datastore/data/get?start=5001&end=6000 <= this REST API all provides the 999 newly added data items.
We need Qlikview to first consume data from url #1 and then every day there will be incremental load by url #2.
Looking forward for expert opinion on what should be the implementation road map for this scenario in Qlikview or QlikSense.