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REST Connector problem (Qlik Sense)


I have a problem with Qlik Sense REST Connector.

Previously I had Qlik Sense version (June 2017) and REST connector was working fine. After updating Sense to version (November 2017) the connector stopped working. Now I get the following error message: "Unknown connection type: QvRestConnector.exe". As you can see REST Connector is now also missing from the Data connections -list.


I uninstalled Sense and then reinstalled version only to receive same error message. Then I tried to install version (September 2017) but no luck with that either. If I reinstall version then the REST Connector is working. Any ideas why REST Connector is not working after update from version

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Re: REST Connector problem (Qlik Sense)

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Re: REST Connector problem (Qlik Sense)

Hi Janne,

When you install the latest version of Qlik Sense, you must manually uninstall the Qlik REST Connector1.0 if it is installed on the system. If the REST Connector 1.0 version is installed on a Qlik Sense Desktop system, it overrides the 1.2 version installed with Qlik Sense Desktop.



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