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Reload data


this is my first chat in qlik. I'm working with Qlik Sense, the last version, from a little tmie and I found a problem.

I have created a OLEDB connection with SQL Server. Since the time of data reload  is very long, exist a solution to reload a part of code (a part of data) ? So, if I want load some data only, I don't must load entire database.

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Re: Reload data

If you are loading from the Data Load Editor, there is an option for debugging, the bug button to the left of the Load Data button.

In the panel that appears on the bottom of the screen is a Limited load check box, check it and specify the number of rows.

if you are looking to long term reduced the load time from data base, you want to look into an Incremental load, which is explained in the help


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Re: Reload data

Another issue might be how you are loading the data, meaning are you doing any derived fields in the load script portion. This will slow things down also as it needs to perform the additional actions.