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Rest Connector - Pagination using Next URL

I'm trying to get data from the DOAJ api (www.doaj.org) using the REST Connector. But I can't get the pagination right, I only get the first page. I'm using this request url: https://doaj.org/api/v1/search/journals/*?page=1&pageSize=100

At the end of the result from this request there is the "next" field so I'm assuming that Next URL is the pagination type to use but I don't know what to put in the "Next url field path". And do I also need to fill in the fields for "Query parameters" and "Query headers"?



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Re: Rest Connector - Pagination using Next URL

You can use the custom option and use a loop to walk through the next pages:

Let total = Round(FieldValue('X-Total-Count',1)/100);

Let startAt = 1;

for startAt = 1 to total step

WITH CONNECTION(Url "https://doaj.org/api/v1/search/journals/page=$(startAt)");